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Happy New Year!

As the clock ticks down the remaining hours of 2009, we reflect upon all of the joys, successes and opportunities this year brought to us; CMMAG more than doubled its membership, became involved in a variety of artistic endeavors as a group, met challenges, hosted events, supported the creativity of our members, and had BIG fun in the process! 

We hope 2010 will bring even more of the same, as well as increased opportunities for creative expression, for sharing our talents with others, and more art, fun, food, and friendships found.

Stay tuned, and watch as it all unfolds....

CMMAG at Art of the Carolinas 2009

Last month, thirty members of CMMAG assisted the Jerry's Artarama staff in presenting the 9th annual Art of the Carolinas.  For the second year in a row, we had a fun, exhausting, exhilarating, creative, friend-filled and hectic weekend!  Here are excerpts from our President Penny's wrap up post describing it, plus fabulous photos taken by our Official Guild Photographer, Lucy:
"...Thursday morning, bright and early, (whew! 7:30) we hit the floor!  Two classrooms had been added this year, and we had an hour and half to prep 15 classrooms for jam-packed workshops beginning at 9:00!

Without worry, we deftly completed this first 'challenge' with roughly 10 minutes to spare *we ROCK!*  The game was afoot... We then turned our collective attention to our other duties:  setting up the
Make & Take area (which allowed us to seat up to 16 guests at a time!) and the World of Art Challenge Gallery.  BOTH areas were hot attractions throughout the show!

The Make &a…

November Member Interview: Roberta Morgan

Roberta Morgan

1.  What inspires you to create?
I have recently been inspired by trips to the Goodwill. I can find things: shoes, small tables, purses and clothing that call out to me to do something more to them. I take them home and paint them or cut them up and make new clothing.

2. When did you decide to pursue art or did art pursue you?
I guess this comes from my childhood when we weren't rich enough to buy new and had to make do with hand-me- downs. My real passion is wearable art. I can spend a lot of time creating garments, entering contests, and then putting them away and moving on to the next creation. I hardly wear the stuff I make, to me the fun is in the creating. I cannot remember a time when I didn't draw or doodle. I started making my clothes in high school so that I'd have enough to wear. It started out of necessity and it's now an addiction.  I even dream of my next entry. I also like painting in a "folk arty" way on shoes, …

Art of the Carolinas 2009

The Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild will be out in full force at Jerry's Artarama's Art of the Carolinas (AoC).  Scheduled to take place in Raleigh between Friday, November 13 and Sunday, November 15, it promises to be a fantastic event!  Here's a preview:
Guild members will assist with classroom preparation, maintenance and breakdown, supporting the outstanding staff at Jerry's (including Guild members Christina and Sharon shown here) Our members will host a "Make and Take" event, encouraging everyone attending AoC to create Artist Trading Cards (ATC) to keep or trade.  Kudos and tremendous thanks go to Strathmore, Ampersand, Winsor & Newton, and Jerry's, for donating supplies for our Make and Take activities, including papers of various kinds; stampboards and clayboards; paints; pastels and glues.  Some of the ATC created during AoC 2008 are shown below.  Members' work in the World of Art Challenge will be exhibited in a boardroom in the workshop …

World of Art Challenge

In August, CMMAG accepted a kit challenge from our favorite art supply store, Jerry's Artarama, entitled "The World of Art". Our challenge was to create a piece of 2-D art on a supplied 16"x20" canvas, using at least a part of every item in a Jerry's Art Stuff bag, which included: a wine cork, a small piece of torn canvas, liquid graphite, playing cards, clayboard tiles, a piece of twine, foreign language magazine pages, origami paper, several pieces of balsa wood, a rubber band, and a very limited choice of paint colors. According to the rules of the challenge, two items may be added to the piece, which must somehow convey the "World of Art' theme. Twenty five members received their kits at our August meeting, and the completed canvases were due at our October meeting.
Here, thanks to Lucy, our official Guild photographer, is a photo collage of some of the completed World of Art canvases. All twenty five will be displayed, along with biographical i…

CMMAG 2nd Annual Charm Swap

CMMAG members met in early October for a jam-packed business meeting, and the 2nd Annual Charm Swap. Forty four members (including the elusive yet prolific 'Johnny Jumpup') made charms of all descriptions, and Roberta (also known as the Charm Queen--who wore the crown to show it) led us all in the distribution of charms into bags for each of us, which by the end of the swap, were filled to overflowing with arty wonderfulness. Charms were colorful, fanciful, thoughtful, creative and as different as the artists who created them. Thanks to our official photographer, Lucy, we have these photos which give just a hint of the Charm Swap fun. We can't wait to see what everyone will create with their charms; we have visions of necklaces, bracelets and just maybe, and charm-filled vest? Watch this space for photos of our charm-ing creations!

Special Event: Kelly Borsheim Presentation

Come and be whisked away for an evening in Italy without even leaving Raleigh!

The Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild is pleased to host sculptor and street painter Kelly Borsheim, who splits her time between Florence, Italy and central Texas, for her presentation "My Life as One of the 'Madonnari' (Italian street painters)" at Artspace, 201 E Davie St, Raleigh. on October 15 at 7:00 pm.
Kelly will share, "images and stories of my experiences recreating art masterpieces from the Italian Renaissance and other periods of time and place. I will tell you some of the more humorous experiences with tourists, journalists, cops, and the Italian government. And, I will show you the work of many other street painters from my first competition in southern Italy."
General Admission: $7 $5 for members of CMMAG, Artspace, or Visual Art Exchange. Bring a friend and enjoy!
For more information, email

August Member Interview: Amy Kane Smith

Amy Kane Smith

Mixed Media Store:
Lampwork Bead store:

1.What inspires you to create?
My creativity is born of a hunger for and response to the beauty of creation. When I see the beauty in nature it stirs something in me to respond to it. I believe God put it there as a means to communicate with me. He stirs my spirit with His beauty, and I respond in worship by creating something beautiful. Art is worship for me.

2. When did you decide to pursue art or did art pursue you?
Art has always pursued me. I don't remember a time when I didn't feel a pull to create. When I was in grade school I kept a a stack of typing paper and a big pack of magic markers on the top shelf of my closet. I would climb up there and sit and doodle for hours. No one knew about my little studio. It was my secret, and the place where I felt the most at peace.

3. If you weren't an artist, what would you be?"Artist&qu…

CMMAG Potluck Planning Picnic

Our first Potluck Planning Picnic (Px3) was held on Sunday, July 26th, at the Chavis Community Center in Raleigh. With the goal of establishing plans for the newly formed CMMAG committees, 14 members participated in an afternoon of fun activities geared toward getting to know each other, team-building and brainstorming.

"More Can Be Achieved in Less Time When People Work Together"--Zack Canfield The theme of 'Building a Strong Foundation for Our Future' was expertly and artfully carried out in all the printed materials, supplies and decorations provided by our intrepid President Penny. Each member received a personalized workbook and toolkit, and every committee table was festooned with all the color coordinated equipment we'd need for the day. After some icebreaker activities, including one where each team used the word "possibilities" in slogans to describe the Guild, and another involving a beach ball where we learned that: a member (who shall remai…

July Member Interview: Patti O'Day

Patti O'Day

Website: One Foot Up
1. What inspires you to create?
I love fabrics, color and textures. This craft allows me to design a pattern, and use my skills to combine two or more contrasting or coordinating fabrics from a flat piece to a 3-dimensional, functional object. Then, I get to embellish it with stuff that I've collected from thrift stores, flea markets and other sources.
2. When did you decide to pursue art or did art pursue you?
It started out as a monetary necessity when my son was young. Then after working in "real" jobs, I knew I would need to supplement our savings in retirement, so I came back to it. It helps to make me happy!
3. If you weren't an artist, what would you be?
Probably in the fashion field.
4. What other jobs have you had which have aided you on your artistic path?
Department store sales, advertising agency (learned a lot about computer graphics)
5. At the art supply store, which section do you gravitate to first?
Beads 6. What new techni…

Special Event: Chroma Paint Party

As a result of seeing our table and display at Art of the Carolinas last November, an Atelier Paint representative contacted us about offering a paint party to our members, and of course, we agreed. So, on Saturday, June 14, CMMAG members got the chance to spend the afternoon at Artful Endeavors, Liz Miller's lovely studio, playing with paint!

Kim Maselli of Chroma presented the Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylic line, along with the various fixes and media which make it possible to work more slowly or more quickly, depending upon your technique and desired final effect. After showing us what the paint could do with a demonstration sheet, she let us loose to experiment, play and just "mess around" with everything she'd brought. We were amazed by the Unlocking Formula, which reactivates dried paint (unheard of with "regular" acrylics!), impressed by the Slow Medium, which increases the open time and makes color blending easier, and wowed by the Binder …

Special Event: Indie Business Breakfast

On Saturday, June 6, the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild sponsored the first Indie Business Breakfast in Raleigh. The assembled CMMAG members and guests were treated to a delicious breakfast catered by 9 Lyvz, at the John P. "Top" Green Neighborhood Center, and had time to meet and greet each other before the program began. Several CMMAG members displayed recent work, including jewelry, paintings, collages, sculpture, prints, masks, textiles, shadow boxes and mosaics.

The Indie Business Breakfast was hosted by Donna Maria Coles Johnson, who is the founder and president of the Indie Beauty Network and Indie Business Media. Known as the Chief Executive Indie and the Original Lifestyle CEO, Donna Maria is passionate about empowering people to maximize their potential through small business ownership. From the first moments of her presentation, Donna's passion about the subject of "How to Use Social Media to Leverage Your Brand and Attract More Paying Customers For Your …