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M4 Creativity, Continued

Here are the next two in the series of artworks created by CMMAG members in response to our first Mixed Media Kit Challenge (M4).

Member Diane created a diorama and used the kit's elements in witty ways to embellish her restaurant scene. Note how she created the clock, spoons on the side of the stove at left, and...are those tankards or bullet casings on the table?!

And, after considering and tossing out many ideas for her theme, member Jeanne created this piece, entitled "Space Junk." The top photo was shot in natural light, and the bottom was taken with black light under the piece. As you can see, the various items of the kit glow, and the whole piece seems to shimmer (it looks even better 'in person'). Great work, Diane and Jeanne!

April Member Interview: Ophelia Staton

Ophelia Staton

Ophelia's Collage Creations Blog:
1. What inspires you to create? I find inspiration everywhere. Going into an art store, an antique store or good ole' junk store, being around other artists, art retreats, a visit to the art museum, art related books and magazines. I often find when I am in a slump or feel that my muse eludes me, I go to my bookshelf and look through my stash of books, dig through the treasure trove of art supplies I have, or head out for a little art date, and I'm back to making art that I love. Being around other artists REALLY inspires me. Being in the company of "dreamers" somehow has an energy that truly cannot be described. We have a connection that I don't think others understand, and I love that.
2. When did you decide to pursue art or did art pursue you? I wish that I could say that I have always been an artist. I have read the stories of others who state that they have been creating in some…