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Georgia O'Keeffe at NCMA

Hallo, my lovelies!

Yesterday, some of our wonderful guild people met up at the North Carolina Museum of Art for their current showing of Georgia O'Keeffe and others.  It was a great time and some beautiful art (and a very tasty lunch, as well)!

Here we are, waiting for our tasty food, with no real idea yet of how much prettiness we're about to go see.  We started out with some luscious florals and botanicals.

And then we moved into some of the related/inspired works!

There was so much more--life and light and color and inspiration.  You should go check out the show while it's still here!

Featured Member Interview: CMMAG Founder, Jeanne Rhea

Jeanne Rhea
Facebook: JeanneRheaStudio
Instagram:  JeanneJarrettRhea
Pinterest:  JRhea

What inspires you to create?
Dreams—I often solve problems in my sleep, and wake up with fully formed ideas of what I want to create.
My studio—The moment I enter my studio, I am excited about the possibilities of the day.
Questions—What if I…? I am constantly asking myself what will happen if I try a different technique, flip my process, or a myriad of other questions.
Experimenting—New art supplies and visiting artists who are into experimenting make for excitement that one does not get when working alone.
Traveling—The moment I get on an airplane, I love to write. Traveling enhances my observational skills, and the ideas come like waterfalls.
Taking walks—Observing nature provides inspiration that on the surface appears not to enter my art. However, my mind clears, and I can return to my studio, and my art flows.
Music—Once I am in the creative gro…

Happy 2018!

Good day, and happy 2018!

(whispering from offstage)

What do you mean it's February already?  What?  Well, okay, welcome to the REST of 2018!

We're looking toward an artful year this year, with our first show in March at the Arts Incubator in Siler City and a show in Wake Forest in June, as well as a few challenges going on.  It should be an exciting year!

Next week is our February meeting, with a short demo on simple metallic elements and a guild-wide Valentine's 'ATC' swap (may or may not contain actual ATCs, as people tend to make whatever small art suits their fancy--we frequently have ATCs, bookmarks, and other odd sizes, but seeing people's art from year to year is always fun)!

And in the coming year we should have more member profiles and some pictures from our shows and challenges--check back in with us and if you're interested, come join us!