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More M4 Creations

Here are two more of the Guild participants' creations in the M4 Mixed Media Kit Challenge:

The first is from Dawn Meisch, and shows her book's cover and one of its inside spreads. (Click on all images for enlargements) This piece is by Debbie Altman, and it includes the Minnie Aumonier quote: "I think of HEAVEN as a GARDEN, where I shall find again those DEAR ONES who have made my world." Again, two unique creations, using the same elements. Congratulations, Dawn and Debbie--your work is beautiful! For a look at the elements included, and the first two creations in the M4 Kit Challenge series, click here.

Guild Event: Kit Challenge Code Name M4

Photographs of M4 kit contents and artists' creations courtesy of: Frank Pierce
M4, also known as the "Mixed Media Madness Mission-Art Possible", our first Kit Challenge was a resounding success! In this and the next several posts, we'll highlight the work of our members and you'll see how each responded to the challenge.
The rules: "ALL contents of the Kit must be used in the creation (approx. 30 items)- 'Incidentals' (adhesives, paints, inks, dyes, glitter and wire) can be added without limit(s). Two (2) additional items can be added to the creation beyond the Kit items and the 'allowable' elements. These are completely optional, and will serve as a way to give artistic voice to the Kit Challenge (they can serve as the substrate for your creation, or even a 'container' to house the new treasure)."
As you can see, the items contained within the Kit were diverse to say the least! And, after much thinking, considering, rejecting, dr…

March Member Interview: Vivianne Voyles

Vivianne Voyles The Expressive Thread Etsy Shop:
Blog: 1. What inspires you to create?
Fiber, texture, sunlight filtering through my garden plants, quiet, bits of rusty things found while walking, rocks, pebbles, shells, fossils, shards, color, birds singing on a frosty winter day....
I have a drive to ‘do’ something with those things seen along the way of living life, like that metal bit of broken sunglasses along the road – I don’t see trash I see ‘what can I make with this?’ Once, I collected parts of a dead tree because I wanted to make a big wooden horse sculpture for the garden. Another was an old 60’s metal hanging kitchen light fixture that will become something to hang the bird feeders from. No fabric is safe. I haunt thrift stores, finding clothes I may never wear but get inspired by the fabric, the texture, the threads. I go home tear it apart and make something else from it – even if it becomes another pie…