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Featured Member: Linda Poche

What inspires you to create? Anything. Everything. My mom is an artist, so I’ve been surrounded by art all my life. I took art classes in junior high school and was an apprentice for my mom my senior year of high school. I love exploring any kind of museum, in part because I am fascinated with public spaces and how we communicate through form and display. Nature has endless beauty and man-made structures can be amazing in either their complexity or simplicity. We live in a visually stunning world.
When did you decide to pursue art or did art pursue you? I’ve played with art all my life. I’ve enjoyed photography exploration, hand building ceramics, being arts supervisor at day camp, building sets for educational theater groups, designing layouts for poster art (before computers!), and doodling on all my notes through two and a half degrees in English. I grew much more serious about it after I married my amazing husband who said I should “go for it” and see if I could start my own arts a…