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Featured Member Interview: Mary Neligan

What inspires you to create?
Sometimes it’s the wood with the different patterns, knots or shapes.Sometimes it’s the odd metal parts that I‘ve found or been given.Lately it’s been a theme or concept of a fish that makes me laugh and I search through my hoard of parts to create that fish.

When did you decide to pursue art or did art pursue you?
I’ve always been a piddler, tinkering with tools, wood, glass, and the like.When our talented member and my good friend, Jean Skipper, told me she could sell my fish in her gallery I was amazed.I had a reason and a purpose behind my piddling.I later realized Jean bought most of my first fish, but it got me started.

If you weren’t an artist what would you be?
I would still be working in the Emergency Room.With 12-hour shifts you always had 4 days of the week to decompress and work on projects.

What other jobs have you had which aided you on your artistic path?
When my boys were young I was able to be a stay at home mom.My friend Joanne and I taught ou…

2012 Challenge: "What's on Your Palette?"

Our challenge for this year will be our take on the Capital One slogan ("What's in Your Wallet?").  No Vikings, no Alec Baldwin, no goats...well, unless that's what you're into. 

At the August 9th Guild meeting, all members will be given a 12" x 12" canvas (a gift from the Guild), and a template with the outline of an artist's palette.  The challenge will be to show the world what's on your personal palette. 

Anything goes!  If it can fit onto the palette, and be permanently attached to the canvas, it'll work.  The only requirements are that the outline of the palette must be visible, and a solid color background (which continues around all four edges) must surround it.  Finished work is due at the October 11 meeting (no exceptions!).  As we did last year, the completed canvases will be displayed at Art of the Carolinas (November 8--11). But unlike CanvaSynergy, these will not be attached, or in a frame. Instead, we'll forgo the tab…