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More From "Take 25" Challenge

Our header contains images of the creative work of our members, responding to the "Take 25" challenge posed by member and Artist Alley gallery owner Jean Skipper.  In case you missed the explanation of the challenge, you can read all about it here

Here are the full sized photos:

"Butterfly Dreams" by Liz Miller
A textured and glazed canvas with painted vintage lady adorned with beads and bangles. She is surrounded with fluttering memories (butterflies).

"Cat Fish" by Mary Neligan

Beach Window by Lauren Koeth

Welcome to: "Creativity Rocks!"

Creativity Rocks! is the new name for the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG) blog.  It expresses how we all feel about being creative in our own lives, and seeing what good our creativity can do in the wider world. 

Our new header is a peek into our next series of blog posts which highlight the creations of our members in this year's kit challenge, entitled "Take 25".

A bit of background:  Jean Skipper of Artist Alley has presented the CMMAG Kit Challenge annually for the past three years. Every year, participants receive a list of seemingly random "ingredients," and the challenge is to create a work of art including all of them.  Each participant could choose to eliminate up to two items on the list and could choose to add up to two additional items. Connection devices (glue, wire, thread, etc…) and colorants (paint, markers, pastels, etc…) were considered to be freebies, and they could be used in copious quantities.  The "twist" this year was t…