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February Member Interview: Liz Miller CDA

Liz Miller CDA (Certified Decorative Artist)

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Creative Workshops:

Facebook:Artful Endeavors on Facebook

You can find my art at:
Artful Endeavors, Raleigh NC
The Society of Decorative Painters permanent art collection,
   Wichita KS
Chatham Street Café, Cary NC

I've been published in:
The Decorative Painter, Summer 09 and Winter 09
Quick and Easy Painting, June 2010

On line videos at:

1. What inspires you to create?
Nature and the challenge of creating small slices of nature inspire me, the play of light on objects, capturing movement and shape, the mood of a moment. The colors of nature and color combinations of nature are a constant inspiration. I love observing and painting animals. They are constant works of art.
My students are always a source of inspiration, constantly challenging me to progress in my art. Creative friends…