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January Member Interview

Jennifer Partridge

What inspires you to create?
My first response is to say everything because my work is an exploration of life, its various stages, and the paradoxes and beauty that are inherent to it. Depending on my mood anything can spark my creative muse. Sometimes inspiration comes from a quietly withering rose and other times a boisterous belly-dancing hafla. And it seems the more I explore, the larger the breadth and depth of my inspirations become. This journey of discovery is also greatly aided by the other wonderfully creative souls I am meeting along my path. Their loves and passions have inspired me in ways that I found quite unexpected!

Did art pursue you or did you pursue it?
Both. I grew up in a home full of crafts and music. From age five to fifteen I took dance
lessons and acted. When I went to college I tried to negate my love for the arts and pursu…

Happy New Year from CMMAG!

In this brand new year, we wish you good health, happiness, creativity and fun!

Watch this space for more artsy events, images, and the work of our members...

It's going to be a GREAT year!