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Featured Member Interview: Katherine Stein

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and her Facebook page, here. What inspires you to create?Everything inspires me.Trees, grasses, birds, berries, fruits, vegetables, sunsets, sunrises, gloomy days near water (a perfect example of monochromatic) buildings, mountains, oceans, deserts, cities, villages, people, dogs, cats, the moon and stars, books, the Milky Way, fiber, fabric and color, color, color!
When did you decide to pursue art, or did art pursue you?
I grew up wanting to be an artist so I guess I pursued it. I LOVED art class in school and when I was able to choose classes in high school I took every art class I could. I wanted to paint and was really into embroidery in high school. I took some pottery classes but I just couldn’t get into it. After I got married at the tender age of eighteen I was broke and got into sewing, recycle, and nature art (anything I could do cheaply) In my thirties I started to work full time and went to (shudder) business college at night……