More M4 Marvels....

Here are the final two M4 creations from our wildly artistic Guild:

Vivianne Voyles's M4 creation made use of an old Barbie horse in a very ingenious way! Click on the image for a closer view of how she's incorporated the kit's elements for the hooves, rider's hat and on the horse's body.

And Ophelia's work on canvas reminiscent of her exuberant, colorfully layered journal pages. As others have done, she's used the word 'create,' but adds the words 'your own destiny,' and 'permission granted' to present a message of encouragement to all who view her M4 creation.
We hope you've enjoyed viewing all of the 2009 M4 Kit Challenge works. We look forward to the possibility of participating in future challenges as a Guild, so stay tuned!


Penny A said…
Lovely, lovely! It has been GREAT having this 'look back' at our challenge pieces. Thanks SO much Michelle, for featuring these creative creations!
Amy said…
king back over all our creations. What a great resevoir of talent we have!
I'm Toni said…
I've loved looking at all of these wonderful artistic creations. I'm still so amazed at the uniqueness of each one! Thanks, Michelle!
Jeanne Rhea said…
Thank you, Michelle for posting all of these creations. I am still amazed when I look back on them. What a great job!

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