Wednesday, May 27, 2009

M4: Yes! More!

Here is another M4 figure, "Gina the Gypsy" by Roberta. Using the kit's vintage papers, including the phrases: "That is a good question. And I'd say YES without reservation," Roberta's Gina knows all the answers, and looks very stylish while delivering them, in her map skirt embellished with lace, golden bodice and button hat.

And, as with other pairings, here is a very different way of using all of the M4 Kit Challenge's
elements. Toni has created a bird house complete with lacy curtains at the window, puzzle piece flowers in a glass vase, and a perch on the side. When the roof is removed, you can see the birds have lovely wallpaper, and even some art on the walls! HGTV would be impressed!

Simply M4-velous, Roberta and Toni!

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