First Quarter Play Day: A Round-Robin of Creativity!

There was an excited, creative CMMAG buzz at DiGiulio Studios on Sunday, March 13th.  From the demos (card and nametag making with Linda; cool stencil techniques with Shannon; fabulous flower felting with Katherine, and creating cactus-themed canvases with Mimi's pulled paint), to the delicious food provided by members (we do know how to put on a great spread!), big fun was had by all.  Thanks to Sharon and Joe DiGiulio for opening their home and studio to us--we had a terrific time! 

Here are some shots from the Play Day:


Linda Poche said…
I had such a blast! Thanks for the great pics!
Sharon DiGiulio said…
Great time! Thanks Ladies. It's always a pleasure filling the studio with creativity!
Monica Faith said…
So, so glad I found this group in time for all this fun, it has left me stoked for more and so very inspired! ~ Mimi Fabian
I will say again GREAT day! Thank you all. So glad to be here :)
I will say again GREAT day! Thank you all. So glad to be here :)

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