Thursday, January 14, 2021

January 2021 CMMAG Business Meeting

2021-2022 CMMAG Board
It's a new year, and we have a new board!  In addition to our Immediate Past President, Shannon Binkowski, and our founding member, Jeanne Rhea, the new slate for 2021-2022 includes the following:
  • President: Linda Poche

  • Vice President: Marcia Streithorst

  • Secretary: Amy Roswick

  • Treasurer: Katherine Stein

  • Members at Large: Lisa Yerby & Alicia Brinkman

Chavis Update
Our friends at the Chavis Center, where our meetings have been held for years, are still dealing with construction. Between the pandemic and construction, the need for art supplies for students has been limited. Members agreed to continue to support the kids with supplies they'll need when they get into their new space.

Virtual Shows The new board is considering the potential to engage in a virtual show in 2021. The members expressed interest in participating in an online show, and many offered to assist in setting up photos and the like to be able to share varied skills.

New Events: Tutorials
CMMAG's new events for 2021 are Tutorials! Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to engage with outside teacher/artists to share new techniques and skills; however, there is such a talented group of artists in the membership who can share what they know. That will come together in Tutorials, which are free, members-only online sessions that will be more than a demo but not as involved as a workshop.
Marcia Streithorst will be hosting the first Tutorial session called “paper from around the house” on Sunday, January 24, at 1PM.

Online Events
Members have enjoyed the Zoom Member Playdates, and these will continue on a more regular basis in the first half of 2021. The Playdates are similar to an open studio time where members log in to Zoom, bring a project to work on, and then socialize as they work. There will be sessions on alternating Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings for the next few months. Those interested, can email CMMAG for details.

First Quarter 2021 Art Challenges
Valentine Challenge:
Traditionally, the membership would create ATCs for exchange during the February meeting for Valentine's Day. Since there will be no in-person meeting, the members will instead create something to mail to all the members, whether it be a card, ATC, bookmark, etc. Those who choose to participate will snail mail their art to the members around Valentine's Day.

Picked Prompts Challenge:
At the start of each quarter, Prompts will be be picked from a compiled list of each of five categories including Medium, Texture, Theme, Color, and a "bonus." Members can then choose to create a piece based on the prompts to share with the group at the last meeting of the quarter. The first set of prompts chosen in 1Q2021 are outlined below, and the finished items will be shared at the March 2021 meeting.             Medium:         Colored pencils, Markers             Texture/Mark Making: Doodles/Dots/Zentangle             Theme: Seasons, Holiday             Color:         Green             Bonus Technique: Use junk mail

Demo: Shrinky Dinks
Shannon Binkowski demonstrated her techniques for working with shrink plastic and the different media that can be used to color it.




Next Meeting
The next CMMAG meeting is Thursday, February 11, 2021. For more details on CMMAG or membership, email CMMAG.

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