Sunday, March 26, 2023

CMMAG Meet-Up: Fabric Fun March 2023

CMMAG members met to create together on Sunday, March 26, at the Cary Quilting Company. The theme was fabric fun with slow stitching, surface design & embellishments.

Laurel and Deirdre put together a wonderful event where we had an amazing exchange of ideas, inspiration, and supplies as we created Prayer Flags.

Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, which is a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space.

Friday, November 18, 2022

November 2022 CMMAG Meeting


Alicia welcomed 15 attendees.  

Creativity Exercise

Laurel shared a sheet with 30 circles drawn on it.  The idea was to “think outside the box” to put things in the circles.  We were to complete as many circles as possible in 5 minutes.  It was fun to see how imaginative fellow members were with their drawings.  

Upcoming Events

Our December 8 meeting will include the Secret Santa exchange.  Members who chose to participate in the exchange drew names during the meeting. 

Painted Ox Show 

The Painted Ox is located at 121 Main Street, Oxford NC. The CMMAG show will be November 4 through January 5.  Thanks again to Iris for arranging this opportunity for CMMAG.  

#DTIYS Challenge Results

The Fourth Quarter #DTIYS 2022 inspirational piece is Bailey’s Beach by Childe Hissam.  Members are encouraged to make a piece of art inspired by this masterpiece.  We will share our creations at the Jan 12 meeting. 

Member Incentive Program

Don't forget to continue with social media posts, volunteer for activities, and participate in events.  The last drawing will be at the January 12 meeting.

Good News

  • Dawn reported that another artist group she is active in raised $600 this week for charity with an open studio show.  
  • Alicia sold three pieces in the 8x8 show at the Halle.
  • Alicia won Honorable Mention in the Fabulous Fakes show for her piece inspired by Degas ballerina at the Cary Art Center.
  • Kathy has a necklace showing in the Wayne Art Center in PA.

Show & Tell

Several members brought the books they made at Penny’s workshop last weekend to show.  

Demo: French Fold Books

Terri showed the group how to make French Fold books.  They are quick and can be made with virtually any sheet of paper.  She had several examples where she added pockets, folded the covers differently, and even stacked them back to back to mimic a signatured book.  

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Members-Only Workshop: Bookmaking with Penny Weaver

 On November 6, CMMAG members enjoyed a workshop with Penny Weaver of Art Paper Love.  A great time was had by all as we learned bookmaking techniques.