Thursday, November 25, 2010

CMMAG at Art of the Carolinas

Diana and an eager student at Jeanne's demo
2010 marked our third year of participation in the art-filled extravaganza that is Jerry's Artarma's Art of the Carolinas.  We spent four days assisting the Jerry's staff with making sure the art workshop rooms were ready for the eager artists who'd come to learn and create; hauling an unbelievable volume of water, both clean and dirty for those rooms; displaying our mixed media work for all to see; answering questions about our Guild ("So, what exactly is mixed media?"); providing demonstrations on the trade show floor and in our Make and Take ATC room; creating ATC with novices and experts alike; and laughing, learning and loving being mixed media artists and sharing our love of what we do with others.  Here are some images which capture just a bit of the fun we had.  And, to see more of the fun we had, visit our Facebook Photo Album.  Enjoy!

Pat creating ATC

Travis, Penny and Pat:  The Water Hauling Crew!

Young ATC Artists
Sharon and Christina, organizers extraordinaire!

Michelle at her cut paper collage ATC demo
Lisa, Laurel and Liz at the CMMAG Information Table