Thursday, June 10, 2021

June 2021 Business Meeting

CMMAG members met via Zoom on Thursday, June 10, 2021. 

Creativity Exercise

Denice Celley led the drawing exercise where members were asked to draw a grid 4x3.  In each of the twelve boxes, she asked everyone to draw an interpretation of the words she listed (dog, snake, boot, etc.) with only 4 seconds to complete each.  Hilarity ensued.  

Zoom-based Playdates/Open Studio times

Online Zoom Playdates or Open Studio times, which are free to all members, have been scheduled through June 2021.  The scheduled days are the Saturday before the business meetings at 10AM and the Wednesday following the business meetings at 6PM.  The upcoming dates include the following:

  • Wednesday following the business meeting:  June 16 at 6PM
  • Sunday within the month:  June 27 at 1PM

Field Trips/Sketching Events

Marcia Streithorst will organize an event at Duke Gardens to explore areas to paint, sketch or take photos. Details will be provided in the July meeting.

Katherine Stein will organize an event to visit the NC Museum of Art to sketch and possibly do lunch. Details to follow.  

July 8th In-Person Meeting Update

Our next meeting will be in-person at Chavis (505 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27601) on July 8th.  Details for parking and the meeting room, including a map, will be distributed in early July.  

Art Shows (Virtual and In-Person)

CMMAG submitted an application to be selected for a group show in the Sertoma Art Center’s Call for shows in 2022.  Selections will be announced later in the year.  

Members were reminded of the Wilson Arts Center’s Artist Calls, a juried show in September 2021.  Applications are due by July 22, 2021, with a fee of $25 for up to three entries, one photograph for each. If selected, pieces will need to be hand delivered in August for the September show.

Chavis Carousel Angel

CMMAG will purchase and donate 100 tickets for carousel rides at Chavis.  These will be available at the front desk for use by anyone in the community who does not have the funds. 

Social Media Update

Lisa Yerby is the June CMMAG Spolight Member.  Some of her art and information were featured on the blog and shared on social media.  

Picked Prompts Challenge

Prompts for the Third Quarter 2021 Picked Prompts Challenge were chosen.   The results are to be shared at the September meeting.  The prompts are as follows.

Medium:  Paint (Acrylic/Oils)

Texture/Mark Making: Solid: wood, metal, glass

Theme: Shapes: Circle, Square, Diamond

Color: Blue

Bonus Technique: Continuous Line Drawing


  • Idalina Teixeira got a new job.  
  • Alicia Brinkman sold a couple of her paintings in the 6x6 Daily Painting Exhibition at the The Halle Cultural Arts Center in Apex.  The show ends today.    
  • Marcia Streithorst had a journal juried in a Triangle Book Artists show.  Details will be officially announced later.
  • Marcia will have a booth at Cary Lazy Days in August.
  • Maureen Seltzer recently did a show at an outside festival in Wake Forest.  The show went well, and attendance was great.  
  • Deirdre Abbotts shared the news that her son and his fiance are having a baby, her first grandchild.  
  • Laurel Rupe reminded members that Art of the Carolinas is having its 20th anniversary this year, when it is held in November.  
  • Lynda Myers’ sister-in-law in Maine wants to make mixed media journals as she sits with her terminally ill husband in hospice care.  She is asking for a piece or two or a found object to share with her.  She will make arrangements to get any donations.  


Instead of a demo, members shared their Picked Prompt results for 2Q2021.    The prompts for these pieces included the following. 

Medium:  Alcohol Inks          Texture/Mark Making: Gesso, molding paste, texture paste
Theme:  Miniature                 Color:  Red
Bonus Technique:  Use an AOC freebie (e.g., glass bead gel, Marabu crayon, Golden paint sample)





Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Member Spotlight June 2021: Lisa Yerby

Lisa Yerby is a talented artist who makes beaded sculptures using tiny seed beads, allowing her a range of color and texture throughout her collections.  Her work is inspired by the Huichol people in Mexico who use seed beads in their pieces, and she hopes to one day visit the area to see their work in person.  

Lisa taught kindergarten, first grade, second grade, gifted and talented and dyslexic students in Texas for 29 years. She notes that she never married or had children, so her students and friends were her world and she loved every minute of her time teaching. When she retired in 2017, Lisa moved to south Raleigh where her parents have lived for about 15 years.  Since retiring to Raleigh, she has time to concentrate on her beading work and can collaborate with her dad, which has been such a blessing. He is a wonderfully talented artist who hand carves the wooden fish, santas, and snowmen that Lisa then beads.  Her father is also a sounding board for ideas and handles the photography of her pieces. 

Lisa’s work has been included in several shows, including the 2021 Small Treasures show at the Cary Gallery of Artists.  Photos of some of her pieces are included below.  To purchase a piece from one of Lisa’s collections, go to  You can also find her on Facebook at Lisa Yerby Designs.  

Lisa joined CMMAG in January 2019 when she was invited to attend a meeting by her neighbor, Katherine Stein. She has always had a love of crafts including scrapbooking, stained glass, counted cross-stitch, clay, beading and, like many CMMAG members, enjoys trying new things. Lisa enjoys her time in CMMAG getting to know all the amazing artists, going to the art museum, and taking classes, like book-making.  She also loves the challenges; they really stretch her imagination. Lisa is currently serving on the CMMAG board as a Member at Large. 

Lisa has one of the best stories as a CMMAG volunteer with the Chavis after-school program:  It was a gorgeous day, so Lisa planned to do an activity outside. As she asked the students to line up, there was a crash, and the room filled with a thick fog. Everyone and everything were COVERED in a white foam.  One of the kids had knocked a fire extinguisher off the wall causing it to burst.  Everyone was safe despite the huge mess, and Lisa took home a funny memory.