Thursday, February 14, 2019

February 2019 Meeting - Art & Love

After we discussed a bit of business at CMMAG's February 2019 meeting,  Linda lead an activity where she had us each draw a ticket that featured a word (e.g., Play, Soar, Bliss.)  She had prepared a list of questions that would coincide with the words, and Guildies were asked to share something with the group based on their ticket choice.  It was a great way to share a little bit about ourselves with our Guild friends, and several times the phrase "I didn't know that!" was heard.

The meeting happened to fall on Valentine's Day.  It was a wonderful night to celebrate our love of art, while some of our members shared some art made with love. Below are some of the offerings:

Elena's visual representation of two friends who collaborate from across the globe to make art and music together. 
The latest in An Escalating Series of Sunflowers by Shannon Binkowski in honor of her sister.
Father Christmas made by Lisa Yerby in honor of (and conjunction with) her family.
A book box by Karen Stinehelfer to reflect her love of the circus.

Lastly, a CMMAG tradition is to exchange Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs for short) for Valentine's Day.  Our members are always so creative with these little spaces, each showing off their individuality.
A few of the ATCs exchanged at the February 2019 CMMAG meeting.