Sunday, November 22, 2015

We Did It: AOC 2015

Our 8th consecutive appearance at Art of the Carolinas was a resounding success!  Our members stepped up in a big way; assisting workshop instructors by providing clean water (and hauling away buckets and buckets of dirty water), covering the tables with plastic (and tearing off yards of painted plastic after each class was over), answering questions from students ("What time does the trade show close?"), displaying the postcards received so far from our Orange: An International Mail Art Challenge (thanks for the windows, Ilona!), and presenting hours of free demos on a variety of techniques (from Alcohol inks to Zentangles) in our "Try It Zone". 

We worked, we played, we laughed, we ate, and we shared in the concentrated 4-day weekend which is AOC.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Here are just a few of the images from the weekend.  Enjoy--we certainly did!

Saturday, November 7, 2015


*Carolina Mixed Media Guild at Art of the Carolinas |November 12--15, 2015

Yes, it's that time again:

Bleary-eyed members getting up at the crack of dawn to prepare the first workshop classrooms; starting off in Congressional to see what color Sharon has chosen for this year's shirts and aprons; seeing the tower of boxes of plastic to be cut (yes, we remembered scissors this year!); stuffing bags with pre-cut plastic to be used later; wearing masking tape 'bracelets'; greeting teachers from years past; separating buckets (yes, Penny's plastic separator method worked again!); filling and delivering the first of what will seem like hundreds of buckets of water; covering the tables (tape all around vs. just on the ends--try not to get a splinter!);  rooms ready and so are the students; a break for breakfast; first classroom turnover (of what will seem like thousands...didn't I just do this table 4 hours ago?); lunch at Bahama Breeze; preparing our "Try It Zone;" greeting friends and eager artists (no, you can't come in yet, the demos don't begin until tomorrow--here's a schedule); another turnover; a bit of time to sit and visit; hospitality rooms now open, time to go get something to drink (what? it's dark outside already?); doing the last turnover so we won't have to get up early tomorrow...time to sleep, then it's back at it again tomorrow.

And, Friday through Sunday, there'll be trade show bargains (where did you get that, and did they have more?), member technique demos, and our "Orange International Mail Art Challenge" display (view cards which have come in so far, then make one yourself, to have your work included in our online event).

We often say that AOC is the most work and the most fun we have as Guild members, and it's true.  We work hard and we play even harder.  And, it's the most concentrated time we have together all year.  Thanks to everyone who will volunteer her time to make our 8th AOC a success.

Below are some "vintage" AOC photos (from 2009, our second year).  Enjoy, and see you next week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Guild Activity Updates

As the "lazy" days of summer wind down, our Guild activity ramps up.  Here's what we've got going on in the next couple of weeks:

Ongoing is our Orange:  An International Mail Art Challenge continues to receive submissions.  We have postcards from our members, as well as from artists in Austria and Spain.  To see the full collection, visit the blog.  We hope you'll be inspired to join in the fun, create one, and send it in!

Our annual Round Robin Play Day at DiGiulio Studios will be held on Sunday, September 13th, from noon to 5pm.  Sign up to bring a sip or nibble on the Yahoo Group, and join us as we explore a variety of technique demos presented by our talented members. 

CMMAG will again host a Mail Art event as part of Raleigh's annual SPARKcon celebration.  Join us on Saturday, September 19th on the mezzanine level of the Busy Bee CafĂ©, 225 S. Wilmington Street, downtown Raleigh, between 5:00 and 9:00 pm as we create postcards for the International Mail Art Challenge, or to send to loved ones.  All supplies will be provided, and it promises to be a great time!  Oh, and did we mention the tater tot appetizers and beer at the Busy Bee...yummy and 'licious?

The opening of our "Falling for Mixed Media" display at the Page Walker Art & History Center in Cary is Friday, September 25th, from 6 to 8pm.  Several members will have their work on display in the building's front showcase.  Our show will run until November 16th, and many of the pieces will be for sale. 

And as if that's just not enough fun, we'll be preparing for our next foray into the world of Jerry's Artarama's Art of the Carolinas (November 12--15), gathering and assembling gift baskets for InterAct, and planning our annual holiday celebration meeting (December 10th). 

We'd love to have you with us for any or all of our events. 

If you haven't joined us yet, what are you waiting for? 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Call for Art | Orange: An International Mail Challenge

The Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG) has launched an international mail art challenge!  Inspired by the "Turquoise" online challenge of 2014 (details here), we've chosen the color Orange as our theme. 

Call for Art:  We invite people of all ages from all over the world to join us in creating 4"x6" postcards on this theme, and mailing them to:  CMMAG   4704 Marathon Lane   Raleigh, North Carolina  27616.  The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2015.

The postcards will be displayed online on our Orange Mail Art blog, and there'll be orange inspiration and comments on our Orange Mail Art Facebook page. We're also planning an exhibit of them in Raleigh, NC in the late fall...details on this as they become available.

We encourage members to share this call for art with everyone they know (artists and non-artists alike), and we can't wait to see what you'll create! Each postcard should be sent through the mail (no envelopes, please), so be sure to affix correct postage to reach the US, and avoid attachments to the cards, since they may be lost or damaged in handling.  And, remember to include your name, city, state and country, so we can include this information in the online display. 

Here's a peek at a few of the submissions we've already received, but we need MORE

Monday, April 20, 2015

Featured Member Interview: Cathy Mitchell

1. What inspires you to create?
My art is defined by Nostalgia. I find inspiration in retro playtime, paper dolls, “vintage” toys (now that my childhood years are considered vintage!). I’m also working on some collage and mixed media pieces representing the rural countryside around me. I have always been enamored with abandoned and crumbling old houses and barns and the past generations who inhabited these places. The juxtaposition of the vulnerability of hope, dreams and disappointment fuels my subject matter.

2. When did you decide to pursue art or did art pursue you?
My older sister and I always enjoyed coloring books, crayons, kids’ watercolor, paper dolls, construction paper, scissors, glue, bits of yarn and thread. My sister concentrated on coloring within the lines, I’d be all over the place with my own style of coloring and creating. I would copy the paper doll clothes and create my own line of clothing for them. I still don’t color within the lines and encourage my young students to work creatively outside the lines. Elementary through middle school, I was consistently told I was not following directions…oh well!

3. If you weren't an artist, what would you be?
A writer of children’s books and fiction, both focusing on timeless values and topics. Although, all expression through art is therapeutic, it would be fascinating to be an actual art therapist.

4.  What other jobs have you had which have aided you on your artistic path?
Working with children in elementary and preschool teaching arts and crafts and encouraging creative expression. One of my favorite activities with preschool was to have them paint or color large pieces of paper and then cut out the shapes needed, leaves, sun, clouds, etc. thus avoiding lines and preconceived ideas of how to make a sun or clouds. As well, my work with people with disabilities of all ages has me using analytical and creative thinking to modify techniques for success.

5.  At the art supply store, which section do you gravitate to first?
Much like my childhood art shopping:  paper, pens, markers.  I still find casual drawing and coloring soothing and restful. 

6.  What new technique or art form would you like to learn?  Do you have plans to do so?
I've been trying out some watercolor.  I would like to take some formal classes.  Also, I want to learn more collage techniques.  Through the graciousness of the Guild, I'll be taking a class with Eric McRay.  Also plan to take a class with Sharon DiGiulio at Jerry's soon.

7.  If you could do anything, and knew you could not fail, what would you choose to do? 

I would go to school seeing an Art Therapy degree.  In addition, a friend in Ecuador has invited me to spend a summer with her and work in the orphanage with children with disabilities, teaching expression, individuality and joy through art.  That would take a lot of courage for me. 
And you'd be great at it, Cathy.  
Thanks for the interview, and we're looking forward
to the postcards you'll send from Ecuador!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We've Gone International!

Several of our members responded to a Facebook call for mail art, and we are now part of an international community of artists! 

The challenge was entitled "Turquoise," and the rules were simple:  create a postcard with a turquoise theme, and mail it to Monika Mori, the Austrian artist who created the challenge. 

Below, are some of ours:  
Top left to right:  Cathy Mitchell, Shannon Binkowski, Michelle Davis Petelinz
Bottom left to right: Penny Arrowood, Iris Musselwhite, Jeanne Maher 
You can view all of  the entries on Monika's blog, here

And on the Turquoise Mail Art Facebook page, here.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Member News: "It's All in the Details"

Guild founder Jeanne Rhea, Guild president Michelle Davis Petelinz and Guild member Sharon DiGiulio teamed up for an exhibit of their mixed media work entitled "It's All in the Details."  Currently on view at 311 Gallery (311 West Martin Street, downtown Raleigh), the show is the first on new gallery manager Allen J. Clapp's calendar for 2015.

Jeanne's large- and small-scale alcohol ink paintings, Michelle's acrylic, polymer and ink wall hangings, and Sharon's baby doll-themed paintings and collages make an eclectic, intriguing and colorful feast for the eyes. 

For the front window, each artist created a 24"x 24" piece, using the same five colors.  The rest of the exhibit showcases both recent work, and 'old favorites'. 

"It's All in the Details" opened to rave reviews on First Friday, January 2, and will be on display until Saturday, January 31.  Gallery hours:  Wed-Sat 11:30-4 pm, or by Appointment (

Here are some images from opening night.  Enjoy! 

Jeanne Rhea

Michelle Davis Petelinz

Sharon, Jeanne and Michelle
in front of Sharon DiGiulio's work