Sunday, September 15, 2019

September 2019: Member Playdate

Sharon DiGuilio from DiGuilio Studios graciously opened her studio to CMMAG to enjoy another playdate. (Thank you, Sharon!) As always, we had a lovely time!

Linda shared Random Acts of Guerilla Art Kindness, made from old stationery and monograms, and everyone took a turn to make some.
What could you turn the letter Z into? The letter V? The letter X?
What would you say to people, if you could hand them a small piece of art?

Alicia had a little fun with hers

Tiny Affirmations

Shannon demonstrated using recycled materials to make some metallic elements, and everyone had a little fun playing with fire.

Fire, paint, and glue for some lovely pieces!
Paint without fire, for a little sgraffito action!
Kyrie enjoying playing with fire
Maggie brought her air compressor and some lovely alcohol inks, to show us how to use air to blow the inks around and to give us the chance to play on a couple of different surfaces.

Maggie getting her compressor set up

And Jeanne brought a new quick-cure clay that she's been playing with--bringing a product that is a little different and more ceramic-like than polymer clay, that can be easily set with a heat gun!

Jeanne shows off the quick-cure clay

Carefully noted release agent tests

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