Thursday, August 8, 2019

August 2019 Meeting

In July, members visited the NC Art Museum and were given a color to find throughout the museum and photograph.  They were then asked to compile the photos—in any way they chose—and bring them to the meeting.  Katherine and Lisa showed off their pieces from the color project. 

Member Challenge #3: Instagram Challenge
Members were to take photos of their art pieces (complete or in progress) and post them to Instagram, using the hashtag #CMMAG2019.  The challenge ran for 1 month.  We have 261 posts and over 15 members participate.  The top three posters, Amy, Deidre, and Peggy, received prizes in the form of gift cards to Jerrys. 

Upcoming Events
August 10th is the Watercolor Pouring Class with Ryan Fox. Class is full, but there is a waitlist in case of any cancellations.

Art of the Carolinas is November 14-17th.  Classes have been announced, so check out their 
website.  It is a highlight of our year!!!

Chavis Art Camp is August 19-23rd with classes 19-22 and the 23rd there will be an Art Show of the camper's work. Guild members will be assisting with art projects and acting as instructors for a class or two.

Member Playdates
CMMAG Members will have a playdate hosted by Sharon DiGiulio at DiGiulio Studios in Raleigh on Sunday, September 15, from noon until 5PM.  A round-robin of projects will be available to learn and create. 

Linda has organized a second playdate for the members on September 29 from 10am to 2pm at Chavis.  The projects will feature old book pages and how to incorporate them into your art. 

Meeting Demo
Ilona gave a demo on free internet resources that was very useful!

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