Thursday, December 13, 2018

December 2018 Meeting - Secret Santa

CMMAG continued the tradition of a Secret Santa gift exchange in 2018.  Names were drawn in October, and the Secret Santa was given a bit of information about the recipient (favorite color, current obsession, etc.).  At the December meeting, we came together to present our creations.  It's such fun to see what everyone receives.  Below are some photos of the amazing art our members created. 

Megan's collage for Amy, along with a giant basket of gel plate printing supplies.
Alicia personalized a box for Cathy.

Maggie's piece for Elena. 

Ilona with her piece from Linda.

Iris got one of Shannon's prints.

Linda shows off Marcia's encaustic presents.  

Lucy got a happy, purple giraffe painted by Iris.

Maria's showing off her goodies from Jeanne.

Amy's polymer clay box and ephemera for Megan. 

Cathy's box full of goodies and color for Minnie.

Minnie's message for Alicia.  

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