Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CanvaSynergy, Revealed!

The Guild’s CanvaSynergy project was inspired by a question:

“What if 25 mixed media artists worked together to create a large-scale collaborative piece?”

Knowing how wildly creative and diverse our talents are, we were sure the result would be a fabulous thing to behold.

Here’s how it all unfolded:
Jerry’s Artarama graciously provided the 12”x12” canvases and the four base paint colors; Soho Urban Acrylics in Mineral Blue, Cadmium Red Hue, Burnt Sienna, and Cadmium Orange Hue, for 25 artists. Each artist was also allowed the use of black and white to round out their palette.
The overall layout was penciled onto the 25 adjoining canvases; a combination of swirling curves and geometric shapes, designed to give each artist an interesting variety of areas in which to create her own, special mixed media magic. None of the artists had seen the comprehensive, overall design--therein was another 'layer' of mystery!
The sky was the limit; artists could use fabric, metal, polymer, buttons, glass, feathers, photography, paint mediums, paper, clay and ephemera to complete their canvases.  The only 'regulation' was that they maintain the lines that connected their canvas to its neighbor.

Once all of the canvases were finished, wooden cross-bracing was constructed to hold them all together; a simple black frame was added, creating the expansive 5 x 5 ft. CanvaSynergy which was revealed at the 11th annual Art of the Carolinas last weekend. 

Our immense thanks, and a big round of applause go to:
Sharon DiGiulio, for presenting our idea to the fine folks at Jerry’s Artarama.
David Goldstein, of Jerry’s Artarama, for his consideration and approval of the required materials.
CMMAG secretary, Christine Candora-Hickey, for suggesting the CanvaSynergy title (because "the Collaborative Canvas Project" is not nearly as appealing!).
Stan Petelinz, for construction and joining together of structure and frame.
 And, to all the artists who contributed to CanvaSynergy, for creating something even more fantastic than we could've imagined!


I'm Toni said...

And a hearty Thank You to Michelle Davis Petelinz for working with our contributing suppliers, for designing the project, drawing out the "big picture", and being the inspiration behind not only this project, but so many of our endeavors!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Toni. It was a pleasure. I was so pleased with the way this project came together, and how excited everyone was to be involved. And, it was great to hear all the positive comments about CanvaSynergy we received at Art of the Carolinas. Another successful CMMAG venture, for sure.

Jan Pope said...

I saw this at art of the Carolinas. Nice piece, such vibrant colors. No matter where you focused, there was something interesting.

CMMAG said...

Thanks for your compliment, Jan! We all enjoyed creating it, and are looking forward to doing another one...maybe next year.