Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to: "Creativity Rocks!"

Creativity Rocks! is the new name for the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG) blog.  It expresses how we all feel about being creative in our own lives, and seeing what good our creativity can do in the wider world. 

Our new header is a peek into our next series of blog posts which highlight the creations of our members in this year's kit challenge, entitled "Take 25".

A bit of background:  Jean Skipper of Artist Alley has presented the CMMAG Kit Challenge annually for the past three years. Every year, participants receive a list of seemingly random "ingredients," and the challenge is to create a work of art including all of them.  Each participant could choose to eliminate up to two items on the list and could choose to add up to two additional items. Connection devices (glue, wire, thread, etc…) and colorants (paint, markers, pastels, etc…) were considered to be freebies, and they could be used in copious quantities.  The "twist" this year was that each participant contributed one item to the list used by all.  There were 25 participants, and 25 items, hence the "Take 25" title. 

The list of items included:
   1.  The letter "C" (the actual letter)
   2.  Photograph
   3.  Beeswax
   4.  A piece of broken jewelry
   5.  Cardboard
   6.  Fabric
   7.  Beads
   8.  Jigsaw puzzle piece
   9.  A piece of glass
 10.  Glitter
 11.  Toilet paper roll
 12.  Feather
 13.  Velcro
 14.  Shells
 15.  Fringe
 16.  Dictionary page
 17.  Mirror
 18.  Map or part of a map
 19.  Metal
 20.  Polymer clay
 21.  A lock of hair
 22.  Lace
 23.  A nut (metal or organic; artist's choice)
 24. An old paint tube
 25. Hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, hinges, etc.)

Participants were given a little over two months to complete their Take 25 submissions, and the grand unveiling took place at Artist Alley in Southern Pines, NC on Friday, March 25th.

Here are the full-sized photos of the four pieces on the top row of our new blog header, along with brief description by the artists:

 "Ode to Cornell in A Minor"  by Penny Arrowood

Employing the combination of various elements and materials to tell a visual tale, the artist evokes the spirit of Joseph Cornell in the homage to his creative aesthetic while personalizing the tale with select inclusions. 
"Neighborhood Watch"  by Carrie Hannegan

A polymer clay relief of a tree and four little birdhouses.
"The Crossing"  by Ophelia Staton

Mixed media collage 
"Grappes Des Fleurs Artistique"  by Lynn Creech

Stay tuned for more "Take 25" pieces. 
Next up:  the three images on the bottom row of the blog header. 


Carrie said...

Such fun work! I'm delighted that my piece was listed,too :) I'm SO upset that I missed the show :( I feel so honored to have been a part of it, it was such a fun experience! Thanks again!

Michelle said...

You're more than welcome, Carrie! And, welcome to our merry band of creative, fun-loving women.