Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Member Interview: Maggi Neufer

1.  What inspires you to create?
The hope that I can do it.  Kinda like the ant.  Seeing what others do, glimpses on television, sights when driving or walking:  seeing and how we see is the key.  Artists see differently from the general populace leading to creations that shake people up.

2.  When did you decide to pursue art or did art pursue you?
One night – October 12, 1987, 6 PM to midnight -  I sat down with a dime-store paint box with one bitty brush and painted a picture on some paper of my father walking to the barns.  It was the 5th anniversary of his death.  I took that as a sign.  I've always been awed by artists and surprised myself greatly that I can paint and draw.

3.  If you weren't an artist, what would you be?
Well, I was a secretary (with some exalted titles) for 50 years.  Right now, artist is all I want to be. 

4.  What other jobs have you had which have aided you on your artistic path?
Just the fact that I had a job with which I could purchase art supplies is the beginning and end of it.

5.  At the art supply store, which section do you gravitate to first?
Brushes – of which I need none.  Then paper (not quite a whore, but close).  And paints are last, which is strange to me as color is what it is all about. 

6.  What new technique or art form would you like to learn?  Do you have plans to do so? 
I would like to learn batik and would like to take Kathie's class this fall at AOC.

7.  If you could do anything, and knew you could not fail, what would you choose to do?
Create housing and health for every living being.   Then more time and energy can be devoted to fun things, like art.

So true, Maggi!  We look forward to seeing your next creations, and thanks for doing the interview.


Jeanne Rhea said...

Great interview! I love your direct thoughts on everything. No apologies, no trying to make anything it isn't. Your wisdom and experiences in life show in everything you do.

You covered everything anyone needs with providing housing and good health. Good and plentiful food and health for all would be so wonderful. So glad I know you!

Unknown said...

I love you Maggi!

Penny L Arrowood said...

You are very wise, indeed, Ms. Maggi! Loved your interview (and, indeed, love this feature of our blog); and hearing how you came to embrace your creativity... Brava!