Thursday, November 19, 2009

November Member Interview: Roberta Morgan

Roberta Morgan

1.  What inspires you to create?
I have recently been inspired by trips to the Goodwill. I can find things: shoes, small tables, purses and clothing that call out to me to do something more to them. I take them home and paint them or cut them up and make new clothing.

2. When did you decide to pursue art or did art pursue you?
I guess this comes from my childhood when we weren't rich enough to buy new and had to make do with hand-me- downs. My real passion is wearable art. I can spend a lot of time creating garments, entering contests, and then putting them away and moving on to the next creation. I hardly wear the stuff I make, to me the fun is in the creating. I cannot remember a time when I didn't draw or doodle. I started making my clothes in high school so that I'd have enough to wear. It started out of necessity and it's now an addiction.  I even dream of my next entry. I also like painting in a "folk arty" way on shoes, train cases, purses and jewelry. I am especially fond of woman's faces.
I started quilting in the 70's and quickly got bored with the traditional methods and patterns, but art quilts with lots of embellishments appeal to me. I can't picture life without some creative outlet.

3. At the art supply store, which section do you gravitate to first? 
In an art store I'll go to the paint section and try to find a new color or process. I do shop in fabric stores, but I'd rather get what I can from thrift stores. It is exciting to be able to recycle some cast off into "art".

And, it's exciting to see what she'll create next!  Congratulations on your many first and second place ribbons at this year's North Carolina State Fair, and thanks for the interview, Roberta. 


Jeanne Rhea said...

Roberta, Great interview and sooo you! I love how you always want to make everything better by doing something to it. You are the ultimate recycler. Thanks for bringing the state fair entry photos to the board meeting.

Amy said...

Fun interview!

Jodi Ohl said...

Roberta always has bright and cheery creations, I love her enthusiasm and whimsical approach to art :)