Monday, June 15, 2009

Special Event: Chroma Paint Party

As a result of seeing our table and display at Art of the Carolinas last November, an Atelier Paint representative contacted us about offering a paint party to our members, and of course, we agreed. So, on Saturday, June 14, CMMAG members got the chance to spend the afternoon at Artful Endeavors, Liz Miller's lovely studio, playing with paint!

Kim Maselli of Chroma presented the Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylic line, along with the various fixes and media which make it possible to work more slowly or more quickly, depending upon your technique and desired final effect. After showing us what the paint could do with a demonstration sheet, she let us loose to experiment, play and just "mess around" with everything she'd brought. We were amazed by the Unlocking Formula, which reactivates dried paint (unheard of with "regular" acrylics!), impressed by the Slow Medium, which increases the open time and makes color blending easier, and wowed by the Binder Medium which acts like glue, but is much thinner and easier to manage with collage applications.

We had a great time, as you'll see in these photos of members and their work. To see even more, visit our Yahoo Group and our Carolina Mixed Media Facebook fan page photo album.

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Liquidambar Studio said...

Looks like so much fun! (I left something for the group on my blog.)