Thursday, March 26, 2009

More M4 Creations

Here are two more of the Guild participants' creations in the M4 Mixed Media Kit Challenge:

The first is from Dawn Meisch, and shows her book's cover and one of its inside spreads.
(Click on all images for enlargements)
This piece is by Debbie Altman, and it includes the Minnie Aumonier quote: "I think of HEAVEN as a GARDEN, where I shall find again those DEAR ONES who have made my world."
Again, two unique creations, using the same elements. Congratulations, Dawn and Debbie--your work is beautiful!
For a look at the elements included, and the first two creations in the M4 Kit Challenge series, click here.


Penny L. Arrowood said...

Again, I love the total diversity of what was concocted from the same humble beginnings! *i may have to just stop leaving comments, as i could end up saying the same thing with each posting (?)* Beautiful work, ladies! I love how you each managed to incorporate elements of your 'normal work' into the challenge piece, all the while using a wildly assorted batch of items you would probably never have tried to include in your work! BRAVA!

Jeanne Rhea said...

Great work! I am still so amazed that so many different pieces were created out of the same materials.