Friday, March 20, 2009

Guild Event: Kit Challenge Code Name M4

Photographs of M4 kit contents and artists' creations courtesy of: Frank Pierce

M4, also known as the "Mixed Media Madness Mission-Art Possible", our first Kit Challenge was a resounding success! In this and the next several posts, we'll highlight the work of our members and you'll see how each responded to the challenge.
The rules: "ALL contents of the Kit must be used in the creation (approx. 30 items)- 'Incidentals' (adhesives, paints, inks, dyes, glitter and wire) can be added without limit(s). Two (2) additional items can be added to the creation beyond the Kit items and the 'allowable' elements. These are completely optional, and will serve as a way to give artistic voice to the Kit Challenge (they can serve as the substrate for your creation, or even a 'container' to house the new treasure)."

As you can see, the items contained within the Kit were diverse to say the least! And, after much thinking, considering, rejecting, dreaming, not sleeping, discussing, sketching, starting, stopping, gluing and deciding, our members produced outstanding results!

Here's Amy's creation, using a box as her substrate. (Click on the photographs to see enlargements).

And, here is Carolyn's doll, using all the same elements. Amazing, isn't it?

Stay tuned for more of the Kit Challenge artists'

1 comment:

Penny L Arrowood said...

WOW... even tho' I was at the show, and got to see all of the pieces in person, it is amazing to me to look at the photos and see again the incredibly different outcome from the same beginnings!

Thanks for this feature on the individual works, Michelle!